Principle Petroleum is founded on a core business philosophy that will define the manner in which business is conducted and the process in which decisions are formed.  We will always honor the four corners of any contractual arrangement or operate according to the rules and regulations established by the governing bodies of our business, but doing so will never be the final measure of success or failure.


Business will be conducted with the highest level of INTEGRITY. We will treat our business partners and associates with respect, and we will expect the same in return.


Management and the employees of Principle Petroleum will aim for EXCELLENCE in everything that we do.  Business objectives and targets will focus on utilizing the strengths and talents we have developed, but we will also identify and make improvements to areas that will foster a competitive advantage for the company.


The company will measure its effectiveness based on the RESULTS we achieve, and we will be accountable to our partners and to each other for achieving our objectives.  Because of this, we will take pride in everything we do and assume ownership of everything we are responsible for.


Principle Petroleum recognizes the many areas of STEWARDSHIP in which we act on behalf of others.  We will invest our partners equity with great care, we will utilize land and natural resources responsibly and we will honor our employees and contractors time.


The company will remain focused on its objectives but will maintain the VISION to recognize a changing landscape or an emerging business opportunity.  Executing our business plan will always require a balanced system of both short term steps progressing towards long term goals and objectives.


Principle Petroleum was founded with the belief that significant value will be created through LOYALTY.  The company will remain loyal to its partners and management will strive to create a working environment and reward system that instills loyalty from employees.


700 N. Pearl Street
Suite N2120

Dallas, Texas 75201